1. To avoid damage the wipers, moulding and cowl are carefully removed.

2. The broken windscreen is completely removed.  The existing adhesive is then removed.  To make a proper installation such that there are no water leaks, the existing adhesive must be removed to ensure proper setting for the new adhesive.

3. The new windscreen is premiered to ensure a reliable seal.  We use premium primers here to ensure a high quality seal.

4. A Urethane adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame.  To ensure the quality seal, urethane must be applied equally to all sides where the windscreen will make contact with the frame.  The vehicle is safe to drive after about 2 hours for most installations.  We use only premium quality urethane to ensure the highest quality seals for your vehicle.

5. The new windscreen is set in place and the moulding, cowl, and wipers are reattached.  In some cases, your windscreen will require a new moulding with the installation.  Our installers will inform you if your moulding will require to be changed which may incur an additional charge.  It is imperative to have a moulding which properly fits your windscreen.

6. One year guarantee on any work carried out.